Custom Robes

Posted by Lonnie on Oct 24th 2019

Custom Robes

Why does it take so long to get my robe?

In this day and age of "big box" stores and Amazon, it can be difficult to imagine why it takes so long to get the product once it has been ordered.  We wanted to take a minute to explain.

In our shop, "custom" means that the product is made tailored to your unique tastes. You pick the baseline body style, the primary fabric and in many cases a secondary fabric, the colors, the trim or piping, and any special accessories (such as chevrons) that you want incorporated into your robe.

Each special order "custom" robe is then hand-fabricated according to your wishes.  Since it is a one-of-a-kind robe, with YOUR name on it, it is queued for the production pipeline according to the date that you need to have it in your hands.

With several pieces to the process, each robe takes several weeks to make.   

We offer 3 stock linen-like fabrics to choose from, and we can order special fabrics (such as colored poplin).  If the fabric is not stocked in our Kansas City warehouse, it is then ordered from our vendors in New York or Los Angeles.  Once we have received all the fabrics and trims required, we begin fabrication.  

Your one of a kind robe is cut to pattern, customizations are made, and the robe is assembled by hand through a variety of stages.  Our talented seamstresses serge, and pleat, and add darts, linings, brocade and trims, place labels, and hem to length - your specific sleeve and hem lengths. The pieces all come together and are finally assembled.

Once fully assembled, the robe is quality controlled through a several-point checklist, by two different staff members, to be sure it meets our quality standards and the robe is as you requested. After the robe passes QC, it is steamed and packaged for shipping.  We ship to your door using one of our preferred (trackable) shipping methods.  Most robes are received within a few days.

If you have a special need date, please let us know at the time of ordering so that we can make sure to get your custom robe to you on time!