Quick Ship vs. Custom Robes

Browsing our website, you may notice the terms Custom and Quick Ship used to describe robe styles and wonder, what exactly does that mean? 
Custom robes provide the most flexibility in creating a vestment that reflects your style and ministry. They offer the ability to personalize lining, fabrics, sleeve style and decorative features such as brocade, lace, embroidery, braid trim, and doctoral bars. Every detail of these robes is handcrafted to your specifications. Custom robes typically spend 6-8 weeks in production, or upwards of 10 weeks when ordering a doctoral robe. If your timeline allows for a custom robe, they are worth the wait! You will receive a perfectly fitted vestment tailored to your body and style. 
Quick Ship robes offer a high quality vestment in the shortest amount of time. From the time your order is confirmed, we’ll ship your robe within 10 business days. Ideal for last minute ordinations and events, this unlined robe collection features seven of our most popular styles with sleeve and hem length options based on height. Additional personalization is not available. A Quick Ship is the best option for a robe in a hurry or quick refresh. Although they ship within 10 business days, these handcrafted robes share the same quality as our custom robes and are sure to save the day!
Key differences:
  • Custom robes offer broader style options, Quick Ships are available in our 7 most popular styles
  • Quick ship robes ship within 10 business days, custom robes may take up to 10 weeks
  • All Quick ship robes are unlined with no option for lining, custom robes may be lined
  • Decorative features available to custom robes (lace, brocades, etc) are not available with Quick Ships
  • Quick Ships are offered in a variety of 3 fabric colors, custom robes offer 7+ fabric and color options