Robe Sleeve Types

Custom robes can be overwhelming, there are so many options! We are here to help clear up any confusion about sleeve types. Whether it’s straight, flared, full or full with doctoral bars, we're here to help find your perfect style. Not all robes will offer the same sleeve options, each comes with a standard sleeve for that style (either straight or flared), some with the option of a full sleeve with or without doctoral bars. Quick Ship robes are only offered with one sleeve choice, due to their shortened production time.

Straight Sleeves: Straight sleeves are more tailored through the arm, providing the slimmest arm and sleeve opening. These sleeves come standard with Martha, Lydia, Anna and Luke robes.

Flared Sleeves: Fit a little looser through the arm, with a slightly larger opening and are more relaxed than straight sleeves. The most popular choice, flared sleeves come standard on all robes except Martha, Lydia, Anna and Luke.

Full Sleeves: The fullest look and feel through the arm, yet fit snug around the wrist. This style offers the option of velvet doctoral bars with your choice of piping color. A doctorate in Theology, Divinity or another area of Religious Study is typically indicated with red piping, however the choice is yours! We also offer white, ivory, black, antique gold, royal blue or purple to signify your doctorate, alma mater or simply a favorite color! Bars are a wonderful way to showcase your accomplishment. Please note that full sleeves will remove the brocade, lace or embroidery around the sleeve cuff of robes that feature trim with their standard sleeves. 

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