Abiding Spirit Robes

Abiding Spirit and WomenSpirit robes are handcrafted in Kansas City, Missouri. Custom robes are designed to be an extension of your ministry service, and provide the most flexibility in creating a vestment that reflects your style and ministry. They offer the ability to personalize sleeve and hem lengths, lining, fabrics, and decorative features such as brocade, lace, full sleeves, embroidery, braid trim, and doctoral bars. Every detail of these robes are handcrafted to your specifications.

Many of our clergy robes and albs are also available in a Quick Ship option. Quick ship robes are guaranteed to ship within 10 business days. Ideal for last minute ordinations and events. All available options are unlined and come in a standard selection of sizes and colors. Additional personalization is not available. A Quick Ship is the best option for a clerical robe in a hurry or quick refresh.

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