Seminary Students

Pictured: Knit T-shirt dress (neckband collar), Ruth robe with Guatemalan River of Life stole, Classic blouse, Paul robe with full sleeves/doctoral bars 


Every spring we offer a special discount to students currently enrolled in seminary. We do our best to send details and promo codes to as many schools as possible, in hopes the info will get passed along to students. If your school has not shared a special promo code, you may request one below!

Seminary Student's Top Picks:

So, who are we?

WomenSpirit and Abiding Spirit make up Sacred Stitches, a small women-owned business in Kansas City, MO. We specialize in handmade, high-quality clergy apparel, and custom vestments for all genders and denominations.  


WomenSpirit was founded in 1995 by Patty Fitzpatrick to offer custom robes and vestments for female clergy who, at the time, were having to buy and alter men’s robes. By 2007, requests for men’s robes inspired Patty to introduce the Abiding Spirit line. While appearing to be two different companies, all the vestments continued to be handmade in our small batch production studio. In April 2019, Patty retired and sold both companies to longtime friends who were excited to continue Patty’s legacy, grow the companies, and unify the two vestment lines under one name - Sacred Stitches. 


Today, we are the only commercial company remaining in the U.S. who provide robes made especially for women!