Pastor Stole - Alpha Omega

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Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and Omega is the last. Together these two letters form a monogram or symbol for one of the names of Jesus Christ, meaning "the Beginning and the End."  Thus, Alpha and Omega as a Christian symbol signifies the eternal nature of Jesus Christ and God. 

The Alpha and the Omega symbol hand stamped on silk. This is a perfect stole to wear for weddings or a funeral. Made by a local fiber artist in Kansas City, Missouri. 

    • There will be variations in the pattern due to the hand-stamping of wood blocks to apply the paint on the fabric.
    • 100% Silk Dupioni, White or Vanilla
    • Available in Petite (96 inches) and Average (104 inches).
    • Dry Clean.

Ships in 2-4 weeks, see our Shipping and Returns page for more details.