Stole - Journey

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Journey Stole

Sweeping curves in tonal silk and beading evoke our Spiritual Journey in this beautiful stole. We use vibrant 100% Silk Dupioni for our stoles. Shaped neck design helps the stole keep from shifting on your neck. This stole suitable for all genders.

The journey inevitably leads to the crossroads, represented by our exclusive embroidery design. The crossroads has much symbolism in the myths of many cultures. The center is the "Here", that place in which all things meet, and from which all things are possible. The cross has four extremities. The four points symbolize the four corners of the earth or the four winds-North, South, East and West. The inner circle behind the cross is for the earth, the outer circle represents eternity. Embroidery design ©WomenSpirit, 2006-2020

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