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John Robe

This robe was copied from a pattern from a monk’s alb from medieval times. The original design was a skilled use of fabric, in that time textiles were extremely valuable due to the labor it took to create one garment. You had to spin and dye the yarn, weave the fabric and finally cut out the garment. The only seams in the original pattern were the side seams. This used as much of the precious fabric as possible to avoid waste, hence the large rectangular pieces.

Our robe is modified with seams and slightly smaller sleeves. We also were after the best use of the fabric with the least waste. This unstructured robe is sutable for all genders. 

This robe features either a rolled collar (shown) or hood, and pulls over the head. One size fits most. Side slits allow  access to pockts. Made of our  Linen Look fabric, available in white, wheat, and off-white, which are all machine washable.

See Fabric Information page for complete information. Ships in 6-8 weeks.