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Collar Tab (Curved)

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Product Overview

Collar Tab (Curved)

Sacred Stitches clerical collar inserts are made of sturdy plastic and designed to fit our knit tab collar clergy shirts. The curved design slides easily into your shirt front and remains securely in place. 

Knit shirts are washable, making them easy care, however, please remove the tab insert before laundering. Collar may be wiped clean with a damp cloth as needed. Please note, one collar is included with each tab collar knit shirt

Neckband collar clerical shirts and tab collar woven blouses will require a different collar. Please contact our customer service team at 816-842-5556 or send a message through our website with all your collar or vestment questions! 


This collar is compatible with:

Unsure which collar to order? Our customer service team is happy to help, please contact us at 816-842-5556.
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