Men's Custom Robe Sizing

 Measuring Instructions - Part 1:

  1. Measure around fullest part of chest
  2. Compare your measurements to chart below
  3. When ordering, select the size closest to your measurements (please also complete Part 2 below for custom measurements) 
Order Size Suit Size Chest
Small 37-38 34-37"
Medium 39-41 38-41"
Large 42-44 42-45"
X-Large 46-48 46-49"
XXL 50-52 50-53"


Measuring Instructions - Part 2:

For accurate measurement, please have someone to assist you.

  • Take all measurements from behind
  • Wear shoes with the heel height you typically wear with robes
  • Using a cloth tape provides better accuracy 
  • Please provide us all measurements in inches
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions


Measuring Steps:

  1. Height (Point A to Point C):  Measure height. Please make sure to wear shoes with heel height you typically wear with robes. Write down this measurement in inches.

  2. Back measurement (Point B to Point C):  Measure from prominent bone at base of neck (B) to floor (C). This should be 9-10 inches less than your height measurement. Write down this measurement in inches.

  3. Floor clearance (Point C to Point D): Desired distance from the floor. Measure from the floor (C) to point you'd like your robe to end. For robes we suggest 4 - 5 inch floor clearance. Write down this measurement in inches.

  4. Sleeve length (Point B to Point E):  With arms hanging loosely at your side, hold tape measure at the center base of your neck (B). Guide tape measure across top of shoulder, and down outer arm to point E, which should be at least 1 inch past your wrist bone. If you desire your sleeve longer, please measure past point E to the preferred length. Write down this measurement in inches.